Free E-Book – Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino

Book Description The world of home automation is an exciting ield that has exploded over the past few years with many new technologies in both the commercial and open source worlds. This book provides a gateway for those interested in learning more about  the topic and building their own projects. With the introduction of the Raspberry Pi computer in 2012, a small and powerful tool is now available to the h ...

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Free E-Book – Raspberry Pi User Guide

Description of this Free E-Book: This book explores a number of things you can do with your Raspberry Pi, from controlling hardware with Python, to using it as a media centre, or building games in Scratch. The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is that it’s just a very tiny general-purpose computer (which may be a little slower than you’re used to for some desktop applications, but much better at some other stuff t ...

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