How to use a kindle fire as a monitor for raspberry pi

In this intractable i will show you how to use a kindle fire as a monitor for a raspberry pi. I had an old kindle fire that i got a few years back that i no longer use and i thought, why not use it as a monitor for my raspberry pi? Thus this instructable was born.

Step 1: Connect your raspberry pi to the internet

This step is pretty self explanatory. Ether use a ethernet cable to connect your raspberry pi or use a wifi antenna.How to use a kindle fire as a monitor for raspberry pi

Step 2: Install xrdp on your raspberry pi

Go in lx terminal and type in the command Sudo apt-get install xdrp. This will download and xdrp, which is a Remote Desktop service.

Step 3: Install microsoft remote desktop on your kindle

Unfortunately you can’t download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app through the kindle App Store. Instead we will have to download an android apk for the Remote Desktop. To do this you need to Open your browser(I’m using the default silk) and go to…

and then download the apk. Next open your settings and open the download and give it permission to run.

Step 4: Test

Type hostname -I into lx terminal to find your raspberry pi’s IP address. Then in the Remote Desktop fill in your details(Ip address for pi, password for pi,etc) then click connect. It should connect. If not make sure you put in your info right and that the raspberry pi and the kindle are on the same wifi network. You can leave at this but you won’t be able to use your kindle+pi anywhere you don’t have them on the same network (or offline). If you would like to be able to use it offline continue on with the instructable.

Step 5: Setting up a isc-dhcp-server and hostapd on your raspberry pi

To learn how to set up a server visit:… because I

find it hard to explain how to set up the server. To install hostapd go to lx terminal and type in sudo apt get install hostapd.How to use a kindle fire as a monitor for raspberry pi schematic

Step 6: Connect your kindle to the raspberry pi server

Go into your kindle’s settings and go to wifi. You should see what ever you named your raspberry pi’s server. I just named mine RaspberryPi. Click on it and type in your password, then wait for it to connect.


For more detail: How to use a kindle fire as a monitor for raspberry pi

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