Instamorph Raspberry Pi Case

Bloominglabs has had two Build Nights recently, Instamorph and Raspberry Pi 2 / Adafruit.

I have combined the two to make a case for the Raspberry Pi from Instamorph.Instamorph makes a nice material for making cases, as it’s very sturdy, but easy to modify as needed for changes to your Raspberry Pi, or even reusing the Instamorph to make a new case should the design of your computer change, or you are using a different computer.

This instructable assumes you have a basic knowledge of how to use Instamorph. If have not used Instamorph before, there are several good instructablesInstamorph Raspberry Pi Case schematich

Step 1: Items you will need

A Raspberry PI (or board of your choice. I am using a Raspberry Pi 2 from the Raspberry Pi / Adafruit Build Night)

A package of Instamorph

Hot water for the Instamorph per the directions on the package

A glass bottle for rolling out the Instamorph

Two pieces of something flat about the thickness of the sheets of Instamorph you will want for your case. I used two old mousepads.

A template for making a case from Rual Design Collective

Step 2: Prepare your template

Download the template from Rural Design Collective

Print out 2 copies, making sure you print it at 100 percent to get the size correct.

One copy will be a reference for assembly, the other for will be cut to form templates for the pieces you will create.

Step 3: Cut out the template

While you could create a large sheet of Instamorph and fold it like paper, I used the template to create the panels and will use Instamorphs ability to weld to itself to build a case.Instamorph Raspberry Pi Case schematich

Step 4: Roll out sheets of Instamorph

To create sheets of instamorph, I used a glass bottle filled with hot water as a rolling pin and two thin mouse pads to on either side to create sheets of uniform thickness.

The hot water bottle helps to extend the working time to create the sheets

Step 5: Cut out the pieces

Using the templates from step 3, I cut pieces from the sheets of Instamorph created in step 4

You will see I made some minor changes to the cutouts to simplify the case design.

One can easily add to or modify the case design. In fact, the advantage of making an Instamorph case is the ease at which one can make changes as needed as one adds accessories to your Raspberry Pi.



For more detail: Instamorph Raspberry Pi Case

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