LOG Raspberry Pi with car monitor

So this Lazy Old Geek (LOG) decided to buy a Raspberry Pi. Now the Pi itself is really small (see picture) but the first problem I found was that with the all the cables connected, it’s not very stable. The cables, especially my HDMI cable dominated where it was going to be. So the first thing I wanted was a more stable environment.

LOG Raspberry Pi with car monitor

Step 1: Power Supply

Instead of a Raspberry case, I decided I wanted a little development platform for my Raspberry.

Well, I had a power supply that I stripped out of (I think) an old DVD player that didn’t work. It has 5Vdc and 12Vdc. I tested the 5Vdc and it seemed to have at least 2 amps current so should be adequate for my Raspberry Pi.

So I built a plastic case out of some clear Lexan to reduce shock hazard. I left the front open for ventilation.

Then I bolted my Raspberry Pi to the top piece of Lexan. (see picture)

Even with the Lexan, the Raspberry still shifts around so I usually tape it to the power supply box unless/until I come up with some kind of a latch.

Step 2: More improvements

Okay to eliminate the Ethernet cable, I bought a USB WiFi adapter. I already have a wireless network in my house.


Be careful when selecting an adapter as many will not work with the Raspberry unless you know how to set them up to work. This one said that it would work and it did. Here’s how I set mine up.

WiFi Comfast USB 150MBs

Plug it into USB.

Power Up.

I think I had to power up twice.

Click on WiFi Config


Adapter: wlan0 (should be displayed)

Probably have to Scan for networks.

Select: your own SSID: (EnGenius1)

SSID: (EnGenius1)

Authentication: WPA2-Personal (PSK) (This is the protocol I use)

Encryption: CCMP (This sometimes called AES-CCMP)

PSK: ?????? (Pass phrase)

For keyboard and mouse, I already own a wireless Logitech set. I think mine is an MK320. It requires another USB port.(see picture)

Step 3: Car monitor display

Well, I bought a 4.3” display from ebay. Search for “4.3 LCD car monitor”


The one I received is a little different than the picture. The one in the picture looks like it has a swivel mount. Mine is adjustable only up and down. (See picture)

So I have 12Vdc on my power supply so I hooked up a power cable to it for the car monitor display. I also had a set of RCA AV cables (see picture). So I plugged the yellow jack into the display yellow receptacle (AV1) and the other end into the Raspberry Pi video out. {The standard for these cables is yellow for video, red for right audio and white for left audio}

Then I turned on the power. NOTHING!!! Some of the sparse documentation said that with no video, there would be a blue background. But I had nothing.

LOG Raspberry Pi with car monitor

Well, I was about to complain to the seller but was playing around with it and some how hooked the display up to my DVD player. OOPs, it worked.

Okay, so I had to do some research on Raspberry Pi and video.


For more detail: LOG Raspberry Pi with car monitor

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