PC racing set controlled RC car with video streaming

Project overview The project aims to equip standard remote control (RC) car with improved control. Commonly used RC car control joystick is replaced with PC racing set. This improvement ensures more precise driving and exceptional user experience.  Moreover camera attached to car enables view from perspective of RC car, e.g, what would a driver in RC car see. User then can watch real time video on PC screen ...

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WebRTC Creeper Drone – Browser Controlled RC Car

This is an advanced Instructable, which describes the process of building a drone controlled remotely from a browser. The drone uses an Android phone to stream video and audio back to the browser via WebRTC. Since the software used in this project is somewhat complex, you will need to have some programming experience in order to benefit from this Instructable, as I will not be explaining the software parts ...

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Give Your Raspberry Pi Robot a Worm Brain

The C Elegans worm is one of the most-studied animals in science. In neurobiology, it's the most basic brain model scientists use to study how the brain works. Now you can have a robot that thinks like one! The C Elegans worm brain has been brought to the Raspberry Pi Robot. The Connectome project has modeled the C Elegans brain into a Python program and made it open-source. You can download yourself, and h ...

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