How to Control Hardware using Named Pipe

In a Linux operating system all each hardware device is represented as a file. The device can be controlled by simply reading and writing into that file. The hardware of an operating system is on the one side and the user trying to access the hardware is on the other side, and in between them there might be several layers of applications running which communicates each other using inter process communicatio ...

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Connecting a Raspberry Pi to an old 15Khz Arcade Monitor

“The Raspberry Pi has been used all over the world as an excellent emulator box to resuscitate old arcade machines, but with moderate success. You see, if you’re a truly arcade aficionado like me, then you’ll aim for perfection. And perfection means you’ll use the jamma connector and the old 15Khz CRT instead of a more modern retro fitted VGA monitor like most people opt to do. Old arcade CRT sets can only ...

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How to Make Your Own Smart AC

Remember that late-90s Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House in which a young, motherless, computer-genius boy wins a fully automated robot-house, only to have the house-software come alive as an overbearing 50s-esque mother who locks the boy and his family indoors ‘for their own good’? …maybe you don’t remember. But I do, and I have always wanted to build that. Except without the sexist/robot-takeover ...

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Making Things Interactive

iVolume is a device that allows you to listen to your favorite radio station on Pandora, where the volume of the music is controlled based on how loud or quiet the surrounding environment is. As someone who loves listening to music on Pandora, I thought this would be an interesting way to use the input from the microphone, and a productive way to get my hands dirty with the Raspberry Pi. The video above has ...

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