Raspberry Pi WEMO Control Center

This project provides a webpage and automated interface for controlling Belkin's WEMO light switches and plug switches using the Miranda library. At the end of the project you will have a webpage that can show real time state of all WEMO switches. Clicking the lightbulbs will toggle the state of the WEMO switch. The backend sqlite database which stores the states of the WEMO switches can pave the way for al ...

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Introducing LightingPi

Features: Control strings of LED pixels with a raspberry Pi Control strings of analog RGB LED strings (up to 16 channels per PWM board) Control Incandessent lighting via SSR boards (work in progress) Control servo position Control of all fixtures provided over all major lighting protocols Artnet / E1.31/ OSC ...via OLA Overview: DMX based protocols are quite flexible.  The LightingPi software is a client wh ...

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Python – Traffic Light

Introduction Hopefully now you have received your LED electronics kit and have followed our basic LED tutorials. Now you are eagly wating to get started and create some more complex programming using both inputs and outputs. The following tutorial will get you programming your first LED traffic light using a switch as an input to run the program. Contents The contents of your LED kit should include the foll ...

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Wireless Christmas Light Timer with Raspberry Pi and Python

Update 1/14/2014: Thanks to everyone who voted for this project in the Hardware Hacking Contest! Looking forward to my new maker pen. Update 12/31/2013: looking for a more advanced version of this project? Check out my new multi-channel voice-controlled version. We all know you could just go BUY an electrical outlet timer instead of building your own, but where's the fun in that? This project will show you ...

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