Design Project: Control a Pan-Tilt Platform with Raspberry Pi and Smartphone

This is purely the design for the projected. Presented is a detailed paper design of a smartphone controlled pan-tilt camera platform for exploring telepresence and POV drone and robot interaction and control.  Introduction A pan-tilt platform can be used to position various instruments and tools, the most common of which is a camera. The pan-tilt platform allows a user to be able to change where the camera ...

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Make Your Own Nokia 5110 Raspberry Pi Add-on Board

Who remembers the Nokia 5110? If you're too young to have had one, it was a great phone - a bit of a game changer some might say. The battery lasted a decade, it was tough as nails and one of the first mobiles to include swappable faceplates and the infamous 'Snake' game. 1998 was a long time ago now, so even the most vintage retro sorts aren't rocking a 5110 anymore. It's well and truly a redundant device. ...

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Host your Smartphone App on your Raspberry Pi!

Background: I'm currently working on a Sencha Touch project making an Entrepreneur application, which will be released in a couple of months... Stay tuned! I only want say that it is a bit more complex than this example... but you have to start with something, right?! To get some knowledge of the Sencha Touch Framework I created a basic App - based on my Nonsense Guru javascript from 1997. Yes that's right! ...

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A Better Mobile Display for the Raspberry Pi

As I described in an earlier post, I run my Raspberry Pi (RPi) as a headless system, using Cygwin/X‘s xterm for command line interaction with the RPi, with my PC being my X server to support any X Window applications.  I can move files between the PC and the RPi via my pseudo-Dropbox.  I really recommend this configuration and its working perfectly for me. This configuration gives me a great deal of utility ...

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Raspberry Pi – SMS Garage Door Butler

Most Raspberry Pi garage door remotes had open ports, or other features I wasn't too fond of. So I created my own that contains much more security, logging of who opens the garage, video capture, garage status and more. Features: 100% secure garage door operation, with access control lists. Only authorized family members can open. Ability to monitor or control garage anywhere in the world from a controlled ...

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Raspberry Pi in Rotary Phone

I found an old Western Electric rotary phone in my attic. It's really an amazing piece of hardware. It seems to work fine several decades after its construction despite whatever abuse it took before ending up in my attic. However, I don't currently need a rotary phone. So I decided to put a Raspberry Pi inside it. I decided to make it an MP3 player that's simple and robust for my daughter, but I guess it ca ...

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