Measure temperatures with a 1-wire DS18B20 sensor and Raspberry Pi

In our article DS18B20 Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi we detailed how the Raspberry Pi can be used to take temperature readings from a ds18b20 temperature sensor via the i2c protocol. Here we will expand that article to explain how multiple temperature sensors can be copnnected to the Raspberry Pi - particularly useful for example in solar water heating pump controllers and other differential temperat ...

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Monitoring Room Temperatures with a Raspberry Pi and Nagios

Over the past couple months I’ve been implementing and building out a monitoring solution for our development and production systems. Since nagios is the most loved / hated monitoring solution I felt obliged to learn how it works. After fighting with user permissions, firewall rules, broken dependencies and basically any other problem it could throw my way I finally have a working Nagios system. Since I lik ...

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Raspberry Pi Temperature & Humidity Network Monitor

OK, Instructables is really having some strange issues, Once again the Intro disappeared, now the history is gone, and I've had to recreate the Intro from a PDF download. I had some issues with Kingston SD Cards, but the SanDisk cards I'm using now have run for weeks without issues, so I'm changing the parts list to reflect that. Also, after some 49 days, 16 hours, the display flatlines, as the reading rout ...

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