Raspberry Pi 2 Kraft Case

I received my long-expected Raspberry Pi a few days ago. I just couldn’t wait to try out my crazy ideas on it. But wait, what if Pi can go portable. What if Pi can still rock on when a power source is unavailable. Problems to solve:

  • How to power supply when we on the road
  • How to put all the modules we need together

Raspberry Pi 2 Kraft CaseSo this is what I came up with,Pi 2 Kraft Case, a brace for Pi & the power bank, which brought them two together perfectly.

So I design a brace for the Pi and mobile power. It can get them together.
Three ways to use the multifunctional bracket are as follow:

  • Just flat on the table
  • Use it as a stand withadjustable angles
  • With the keyboard:It will become a PSP

Step 1: Prepare Material

What we need is just some kraft paper and Nylon rivet.

Step 2: Cutting the Kraft Paper

If you can use a laser cutting machine, it will be a very easy step.

If not you may need some skill and tools, maybe a art knife or something else.Raspberry Pi 2 Kraft Case schematic

Step 3: Install the case

After finish cut the kraft paper, let’s begin the most important step: Installation.

Actual it’s very hard to cut the kraft paper with just an art knife, but you guys as a maker, I believe you can make it :XD

There are few easy steps to make to a case, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Usage1 – Just Flat on the table

It’s the most common way to use – just flat it on the table.


For more detail: Raspberry Pi 2 Kraft Case

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