Raspberry Pi Scoreboard

This is a simple project that  tries to use the Raspberry Pi as a Scoreboard.. on a character LCD

What we will do in this project is write a python script that will use httplib and rplcd to connect to the internet and display the score..

if you are not aware of Raspberry Pi or the Python programming language, there are plenty of resources on-line. I personally learned python from the python monk and learnpython

Raspberry Pi ScoreboardIt is a matter of a few hours before you are well versed in both.

I was making a Cricket  scoreboard as part of the Google Hackathon, you can use the same method to do many other tasks, from facebook notifications to tweeter.

make sure that your RPi has a running OS and is connected to the INTERNET. refer to my  1 minute RPi setup blog post for instructions on the same

The Score:

First of all i needed a web API provider who does it for free. (not easy to find).  google helped me here and i was lucky..

I found this somewhat immature API that gives out some basic scores at http://cricscore-api.appspot.com/

please bear in mind that this was my first python program so i was happy that it worked, there may be some mistakes but it worked.

the way this works is I create a connection to the website and read the response.

Con = httplib.HTTPConnection(‘cricscore-api.appspot.com’)
Con.request(“GET”, “/csa”)
Response = Con.getresponse()
return eval(Response.read()) ## Disputed
 Raspberry Pi Scoreboard
and once the score was recorded i decode it according to the format that the API provided the result in. Now this part is highly API specific and would vary from API to API, so i do not think that it will be a great idea to go through that mess, as you would end up doing that all over again for your set of API.
Just remember that you have recorded the response and would have to act on it accordingly.
In my case i had to get the Match ID for my favorite teams, and then get the score string in the type i required (detailed or short) and then display it on to the LCD “periodically”.

For more detail: Raspberry Pi Scoreboard

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