RaspiTrap V1.0

Hi all,

I want to present my Raspberry Pi project.

An animal friendly mousetrap with photo, video and email function.

You may ask, why somebody would build such a mousetrap?

Why not?

Video on YoutubeRaspiTrap V1.0

Step 1: C.A.D. Design

First of all I tried the design in Sketchup 8, which is still free

I could try a few designs virtually to see if everything fits

Step 2: Housing

To build the housing (350mmx110mm), I used 5mm foamed PVC Sheets.

So, I could use a cutter as CNC machine πŸ™‚

Step 3: Infrared Barrier

To detect if a mouse is inside, I made an infrared barrier.

It was build on breadboard for test, but I was too lasy to make my own PCB, so I ordered it in China.

It took one week and the result is stunning.

I want to use an external power supply, but I decided later, to use the 5V from the raspberry pi.

Step 4: Transmitter and Receiver

To fix the IR sensors TEMIC K153P inside the trap, I manually milled two grooves.

They were placed behind the 3mm acrylic glass plates.

As you can see, the 9gr. servo motor is already mounted.RaspiTrap V1.0 schematich

Step 5: Pi Camera with Fisheye

I used a cheap fisheye lens to mount in front of the pi camera.

For mobile phones these lenses are fine, because the phones have an autofocus.

The pi camera has a fixed focus so that the picture is blurry.

I will try to change the focus on the pi camera, but not for now.




For more detail: RaspiTrap V1.0

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