10×5 RGB LED Matrix with only 5 IO pins

If you wanna build a fancy led matrix display with only a few pixels, this is exactly what YOU need!

Step 1: Get all what you need!

You need:

-An Arduino

-WS2812(B) LED strip

-A piece wood

-7 jumper wires

-7 female pin headers

-some capacitors

-some wires

 10x5 RGB LED Matrix with only 5 IO pins

Step 2: Craft it to one part

Use your crafting tools to bind the led's onto a base (something like a piece of wood or something else of your favor). Arrange them in a matrix of a size like 5 by 10 Led's.

I added on every second line an capacitor, because the LED's need much power. And I don't put the data out to the data in of an other line, because I wanna drive them parallel on 5 IO pins.

Put the first line's data IN to D10 of the Arduino, put the second to D9, the third to D8, the fourth to D7 and the fifth to D6!


For more detail: 10×5 RGB LED Matrix with only 5 IO pins

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