3D printed Raspberry Pi 3 Apple IIe case

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts with access to a 3D printer may be interested in this awesome Apple //e Raspberry Pi 3 case created by Thingiverse member”adesz88”

This is a remix of option8’s Apple //e Raspberry Pi case. I like the original design, but I don’t like the orientation of the Raspberry. So I rotated the Pi, added a side cutout for the usb and ethernet port and a door for it. I designed some holes on the back and on the bottom of the case. And I also made a badge for the top. The door and the top cover need a bit of sanding. And the two standoff need to be cut down nex to the back ports (hdmi, usb, jack) because without this the Pi won’t fit.”

To download the 3D printing files jump over to the Thingiverse website by following the link below, the 3D printer used to create the Raspberry Pi case in the photos was an Ender 3 using supports and no rafts.

Source: 3D printed Raspberry Pi 3 Apple IIe case

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