The project presented here is a low-cost video distribution amplifier capable of driving up to four video lines. The amplifier is configured with a non-invertingĀ gain of 2. The input video source is terminated inĀ 75 OhmsĀ and is applied to the high impedance non-inverting input. Each output line is connected to the op-ampā€™s output viaĀ 75 OhmsĀ series back termination resistor for proper cable termination. The termination resistor at the other end of the lines divides the output signal by 2, which is compensated by the gain of 2 of the op-amp. The project is built usingĀ AD8010Ā op-amp which is optimized for this specific function of providing excellent video performance in driving multiple video loads in parallel. Significant power is saved and heat sinking is greatly simplified because of the ability of theĀ AD8010Ā to obtain this performance when running onĀ Ā±5 VĀ supply. Circuit providesĀ 46dBĀ of output-to-output isolation atĀ 5MhzĀ driving back terminatedĀ 75 OhmsĀ cable. Ferrite beads and high-value ceramic capacitors are used on the power supply input to reduce the noise.


  • Power Supply +/-5V DC (Dual 5V Symmetrical Power Supply) @ 20mA
  • RCA Connector for Video In
  • 4 x RCA Connector for Video Output
  • Power LED
  • PCB Dimensions 69.06 x 29.69 mm

The AD8010Ā is a low-power, high current amplifier capable of delivering a minimum load drive of 175 mA. Signal performance such as 0.02% and 0.03Ā° differential gain and phase error is maintained while driving eight 75 Ī© back terminated video lines. The current feedback amplifier features gain flatness to 60 MHz and ā€“3 dB (G = +1) signal bandwidth of 230 MHz and only requires a typical 15.5 mA supply current from Ā±5 V supplies. These features make the AD8010 an ideal component for Video Distribution Amplifiers.


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