48TB Raspberry Pi NAS with SSD storage costs $5,000

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts considering building their very own Raspberry Pi NAS might be interested in a new project by YouTuber, Raspberry Pi and electronics enthusiast Jeff Geerling who has built a very expensive Raspberry Pi NAS server. The project is equipped with SSD drives offering a total capacity of 48 TB all powered by the small Raspberry Pi mini PC and the Radxa Taco.

48TB Raspberry Pi NAS

The Radxa Taco is the ultimate CM4 carrier board designed for NAS, server and router applications and is based on the Quad SATA HAT for the Raspberry Pi 4 but goes much further and features :

  • Up to 5x HDD/SSD, support 2.5inch or 3.5inch SSD
  • High speed PCIe switch for SATA & Ethernet
  • One 2.5G Ethernet and one native GbE
  • One M.2 M Key for NVMe SSD
  • One M.2 E Key for WiFi 6 modules or Google Coral AI module
  • 12V DC power input for 2.5 and 3.5 inch HDD
  • External standard ATX power supply support for 3.5inch HDD
  • Support HDD suspend mode
  • Support software RAID 0/1/5
  • Support USB Direct Access Mode from PC(USB 2.0 only)
  • Optional PWM control fan for HDD heat dispatching
  • Optional OLED display for system info such as IP address or Storage usage

Source: 48TB Raspberry Pi NAS with SSD storage costs $5,000

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