Add a $15 Display to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a great little board and packs a lot of punch. But many times you just need a small display to show some information from your project. It can be the local weather, system status, an interactive menu or anything that you can think of.

Lugging around a big display is not possible all the time. They take a lot of pins and a lot of power too and this hurts portable projects a lot which run on battery.

So here is a project where we show you how to use a cheap and Low powered OLED display with the Raspberry Pi.Add a $15 Display to the Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Hardware Required

  1. Raspbery Pi
  2. Grove Pi
  3. Grove 96×96 OLED
  4. A grove connection wire

Step 2: Connect the OLED display to the Raspberry Pi

First mount the GrovePi on the Raspberry Pi. Then take the Grove OLED and connect it any of the four I2C ports of the GrovePi. Now power on the Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Setting up the Software

Clone the Grove Pi repository to the Desktop on your Raspberry Pi.

git clone

Once you have downloaded the repository, go to the /Projects/OLED Weather Display folder in the GrovePi folder.

cd GrovePi/Projects/OLED\ Weather\ Display/

Add a $15 Display to the Raspberry Pi schematic

Step 4: Displaying data on the OLED display

Just run the Python program and it'll print the weather Data on the OLED display.

sudo python

You can easily adapt this code to print any other information that you want to show on the Display.


Source: Add a $15 Display to the Raspberry Pi

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