Advantech Builds Gaming SBC powered by AMD’s Ryzen V1000

Advantech announced a new gaming and lottery board, the DPX-E265. The gaming board is based on AMD’s Ryzen V1000, which features a 4x DP++ ports, 2x SATA, plus M.2, PCle x16, and PCIe x4 expansion. Prior to the DPX E265, in February of this year Advantech announced the DPC-E140 casino gaming board with AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000.

Advantech Builds Gaming SBC powered by AMD’s Ryzen V1000

They also launched an Intel 7th Gen “Kaby Lake” based DPX-S445 casino gaming SBC in August, which was a follow up of the DPC-E140. The E265 is a lower-end gaming board, which focuses on gaming and lottery applications that fall short of extensive security and I/O features of the DPC-E140. The DPX-E265 has a smaller size than the DPC-E140.

The DPX-E265 has a remodeled Mini ITX surface area of 185 x 170mm, and the I/O ports are stacked. It runs on Windows 10, or Linux operating system and it supports up to 32GB DDR4-2666, with support for ECC RAM. The DPC-E140 is featuring 12C port with RTC, intrusion monitoring, event logging and a couple of other security features, like a standard TPM chip, secure boot, watchdog, and write-protectable BIOS in a removable module.

The DPX-E265 is fitted with 2x RS232 ports, 2x RS232 headers, and an RS232/RS485. There are 3x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports. Three standard audio jacks stand-in for the earlier model’s HD 5.1 audio with stereo amplified with 20W outputs. The DPX-E265 provides a PCIe x16 Gen 3 slot and a PCIe x4 Gen 1 slot. The PCle x16 Gen 1 slot is available as a golden finger edge connector that supports “2x full PCIe x1 Gen 1.0 ports (non-standard x4 pin definition) and 2 x USB 2.0.” The DPX-E265 also adds an LPC interface. The DPX-E265 board provides 4x DP++ 1.4 ports with 4K support, one of the ports supports HBR video.

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