AdventurePi portable Raspberry Pi arcade project

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and retro gamers wanting to create their own Raspberry Pi arcade may be interested in new project published to the HowChoo website this last month providing a full guide on how to create your portable Raspberry Pi arcade machine complete with different inserts providing joystick or console controllers. Check out the video below to learn more about the DIY Raspberry Pi portable arcade machine loaded with the gaming Retropie Pi operating system.

“My goal was to create a DIY open-source “platform” to inspire people to create their own portable arcade cabinets while learning about science and technology. I wanted to make this project as accessible as possible by requiring little or no tools and by using off-the-shelf components for everything.”

In this project, I’ll teach you how to build your own AdventurePi, the ultimate DIY Raspberry Pi portable arcade cabinet! The AdventurePi is a DIY portable retro gaming rig that uses RetroPie to emulate a variety of classic video game consoles. It’s comprised of a rugged, waterproof hard case that houses a portable display, Raspberry Pi computer, battery pack, controllers, and optional arcade controls. To encourage as many makers as possible, I made two versions of the AdventurePi.”

– Console Edition: This model features a foam block that holds your controllers, cables, and accessories. When you’re ready to play, connect a controller, and go.
– Arcade Edition: This model features a removable panel containing arcade buttons and a joystick (you can also connect additional controllers). This model is a bit more advanced and expensive to build.

Source: AdventurePi portable Raspberry Pi arcade project

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