Alexa-Enabled Touchscreen “Tablet”

I built an Raspberry Pi-powered Alexa device with a screen (to complement my Compost Professor project).




A few years ago, I made the Mystic Mirror – a magic mirror with Alexa built in. I also made a display last year for my Compost Professor project.

Full disclosure – this isn't a detailed write-up about creating the project. What I've built so far is still very much “work in progress.” I just wanted to share what I've done so far, some cool images, and provide attribution to Adafruit for their great tutorials.


I remixed/combined three projects to build this project:

  • Adafruit – 7 in Raspberry Pi tablet
  • Adafruit – 10 in Raspberry Pi desktop
  • Alexa – AVS on Raspberry Pi project

About The Author

Muhammad Bilal

I am highly skilled and motivated individual with a Master's degree in Computer Science. I have extensive experience in technical writing and a deep understanding of SEO practices.

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