Building a smart house of your dreams is as simple as PiRaspberry. To prove that, today’s project created by Jithin on the Electromaker website is a Raspberry Pi Pico powered project that controls the door key using Alexas’s voice and controls.

The work works exactly as you thought it would be. It listens for the user to request an audible request and parses the voice command by Alexa servers, allowing the door to be closed or unlocked on the basis of what is said. This project requires internet access to work, so Jithin used the first Wi-Fi enabled Pico, a 31-bit Arduino Nano RP2040 Connector. That said, this project could be easily recreated with the new six-seater Raspberry Pi Pico W at a much lower price.

This isn’t Jithins first foray into microelectronics. According to their profile at Electromaker, Jithin has an affinity for making projects using Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards and Python. One of the previous examples of their work is this soldering iron fume extractor with built-in lighting.

This project based on a custom PCB designed by Jithin and printed by PCBWay. According to Jithin, the circuit was designed using an Altium design application. There are also several additional components, including the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect and a quad-channel relay.

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Image 1 of 2 in the video.

The software for the voice control was written using IoT Cloud and is a hybrid of the Alexa and the computer app that can be downloaded from smartphones. This app has a tool that is specifically designed to work with Arduino boards known as Arduino Skill, which is necessary for connecting the Arduino Nano RP2040 with the PCB.

For more detailed understanding of this Raspberry Pi project, visit the first project thread, and then then look at the schematics of the first project. This article shows what an individual is doing to get the way the system is recreated by home. There’s also a demo video of that project on YouTube. For more Creations, follow Jithin, and all of the others in the future.


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