Animated Smart Elf with Raspberry Pi Servo Controller


In this project we show you how to Animate an Elf on a Shelf with the PivotPi, a Raspberry Pi Servo Controller, making it a smart Elf. We’ll attach a small servo to the Elf’s arm to make it wave, we’ll use a distance sensor to see if anyone is close to the Elf on a Shelf, and we will tie it all together with the Raspberry Pi and GrovePi Zero.


When someone approaches, the Elf will begin enthusiastically waving! This project will demonstrate how to easily add motion to an otherwise lifeless Elf and other toys.


Next, using the small arm that comes with the servo, we attached the Elf arm to the servo arm using some wires.

We prepare the controller by first placing the SD Card in the Raspberry Pi:

Then attach the PivotPi to the GrovePi Zero. We use the two supports provided with the PivotPi and a small screw driver.

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