Arduberry brings Arduino to Raspberry Pi

Arduberry is the one shield which allows designs to connect Arduino shields to the Raspberry Pi computing platform.

The $23 device is a shield that slides over the Raspberry Pi and allows you to stack and use Arduino shields.

Arduberry brings Arduino to Raspberry Pi

It is claimed that no physical configuration is needed for the device to work “with most shields”, and Arduino programs can be written direct to the Raspberry Pi.

Available from Dexter Industries, the US-based online embedded design store, the amusingly named Arduberry is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Models B, and B+.

It is compatible with C and Python programming languages.

According to the website the implementation is as follows:

  1. Stack the Arduberry on top of the Raspberry Pi and power on the Raspberry Pi
  2. Open a New Terminal
  3. Clone the Arduberry Repository
  4. Run the Installation Script
  5. Reboot
  6. Open Arduino
  7. Select the Programmer
  8. Load an Example Sketch


For more detail: Arduberry brings Arduino to Raspberry Pi

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