Awesome Raspberry Pi automatic guitar tuner project

Musicians and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested in a new project published to the official Raspberry Pi blog this week documenting a new project using the small Raspberry Pi Pico mini PC that can automatically tune your guitar. The Pico powered guitar tuning box has been created by Redditor u/thataintthis otherwise known as Guyrandy Jean-Gilles and makes it easy for you to perfectly tune your guitar. The project is perfect for beginners or those looking for a little help to remove the boredom of tuning your axe before a session.

“Select the guitar string (low E, A, D, etc.) by turning the rotary switch. The corresponding LED will light up. Once the desired string is selected, place the tuner’s head on the guitar’s tuning peg. Pluck the desired string then press and hold the push button to enable the microphone. Wait until the both RGB LEDs blink green. The string is now tuned.”

Raspberry Pi automatic guitar tuner project

Simply hold the tuner over each tuning key and it will automatically tune into the correct note. The project has been inspired by the Roadie automatic tuning device which retails at roughly £142. All the code required to build your very own automatic guitar tuner have kindly been made available via Github and are available by following the link below. “This project provides source code and 3D-printable files for an automatic guitar tuner based off Band Industries’ Roadie 3. The source code in this project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD licence.”

“Guyrandy’s device listens to the sound of a string being plucked and decides which note it needs to be tuned to. Then it automatically turns the tuning keys on the guitar’s headstock just the right amount until it achieves the correct note. If this were a regular tuning box, it would be up to the musician to fiddle with the tuning keys while twanging the string until they hit a note that matches the one being made by the tuning box.”

Source: Awesome Raspberry Pi automatic guitar tuner project

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