Battery 3D printer power by Raspberry Pi prints for up to 6hrs

Thanks to a Raspberry Pi mini PC a Printrbot Play 3D printer has been converted into a mobile battery 3D printer allowing you to print designs almost anywhere. Created by Tom Sanladerer The mobile 3D printing system requires no external power from the grid or wireless connection and uses the Octoprint, access point mode and charging support, check out the video below to learn more.

Battery 3D printer power

To recap the Printrbot Play 3D printer offers a print volume of 100 x 100 x 130 mm and is equipped with a non-heated aluminium print bed. Battery power for the portable 3D printer is supplied by 6 x 7.2 V Sony NP-F batteries attached to the 3D printer providing up to 6 hours of printing time on a full charge.

Battery 3D printer power (1)

The Raspberry Pi and extra electronics have been carefully hidden and mounted into the base of the Printrbot Play 3D printer providing an easily portable production system powered by Octoprint. For more information jump over to Tom’s official website by following the link below where instructions are available for creating the Raspberry Pi access point as well as a complete list of all the components you will require.

Source:Battery 3D printer power by Raspberry Pi prints for up to 6hrs

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