Cayenne on Raspberry IoT Light Room


The antefact is a new room without light, a big white wardrobe, and the desire to make a IoT device that I can use outside my house. For the IoT “flavour” I use Cayenne.


In this room I want make a hidden light behind the wardrobe. I want use the reflect of light upper the withe ceiling. I have mounted 5 mt of 5050 RGB LED strip up the wardrobe, and I've connected a Raspberry Pi (do you want one?) with Cayenne to Adafruit PC9685, that you can buy here, and after to my simple transistor board.

The Adafruit pca 9685 is a great shield that by the I2C connection give 16 pwm port. YES! It's great!

With this board you can use the servo motors, and also you can use a dimmable LED. But if you want use a long led strip, you must also use a 12V DC power supply. But all the system like Raspberry, PCA9685 and other, works by 5V DC power. For this reason I've made a simple transistor board for use 12 Volt power supply with all the components.

Step 1: Cayenne drag and drop IoT project builder

Cayenne is a great partner for IoT project. Cayenne supports many platforms, and you can use the dashboard to make your project. You can light a LED, or modify the temperature of your house by using your smartphone.

Cayenne is simple and free! Try NOW Cayenne. Use it for your project. The installation is automatic and very simple. See the docs of Cayenne. Take your Raspberry Pi and install on it Raspbian distro. Connect your Raspberry to your local network and to the internet.

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