Cellular IoT: Smart Garbage Can

Our Smart Garbage Can is equipped with sensors that can monitor the level of Garbage in your can and alert if it needs removal.

Smart Garbage



For power I used a portable charge bank from InIu. This should keep the our sensor powered for plenty of time. I'm also sending data from the Sensor via MQTT. That data is sent via a cellular connection and encrypted at the cloud level. It it then sent in MQTTs and delivered via Transport Layer Security.

Creating a Cellular Connection

I used the 3G USB dongle [MS2131i-8] with a Soracom Sim to establish a cellular communication. The dongle made it easy to attach to my Raspberry Pi and get a connection going.

Creating a Cellular Connection (1)


Creating a Cellular Connection (2)

Putting It All Together

Duct tape can do some serious work!

I used duct tape to secure the Ultrasonic sensor and Raspberry Pi to the lid of the can. I also used duct tape for the LED light on the top. 3 weeks after initially applying the tape and we are still holding strong!

Putting It All Together

To run the code we used SSH to get in the Raspberry Pi. We then ran the python script attached. This provided the logic around our ultrasonic sensor and it's communication around being empty and full.

Here is what we created!


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