CleverLight – Affordable Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

CleverLight – Affordable Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

Control CleverLight with your existing Wi-Fi and Smartphone or Apple Watch. CleverLight brings amazing light to your home or business, reduces your energy costs, lasts up to 20 years and delivers many amazing features. Install in seconds, just replace your existing bulb with CleverLight.

Below is demo video of CleverLight, demonstration of core technology and basic features of CleverLight.

CleverLight – Affordable Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb


The Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS and Android contains everything you need to make your own cool applications for the CleverLight dimmable bulbs. The SDK contains a full implementation of the communication protocol which can be used to control and monitor your devices via Wi-Fi. Kickstarters who pledge for the Developer Package will also get the THING1 Wi-Fi Arduino Shield with unique software which makes it easy to integrate the same Wi-Fi technology into your own hardware, and take advantage of all the cool features which makes CleverLight unique. This is an optimal solution for rapid prototyping and demonstration purposes.

The THING1 Wi-Fi Arduino Shield comes pre-programmed with the following features:

• 6 pcs. I/O ports which can be configured as input/output and controlled from your Smart Phone.
• 1 External Interrupt Pin which can send back an event to your Smart Phone (e.g. when the user press a button).
• 4 pcs. ADC (10 bits) which can measure analog signals and can be read from your Smart Phone (this can be used for temperature measurements, flow control, etc.).
• One UDP Server/Client for your own application usage.
• I2C Interface for control via Arduino board.


For more detail: CleverLight – Affordable Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

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