Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3

This project showcases how to use Windows 10 IoT Core on a Raspberry Pi 3 to spin a motor by providing input to a motor controller and then measuring the speed of the spinning motor using a digital encoder. We use the digital encoder feedback in a PID loop to control the speed of the motor and by doing this, we created a closed loop control system!closed loop control remote sensors and remote ux on rpi3

In addition, it demonstrates the Windows 10 IoT Core’s capabilities to provide and interact with a Remote UI and sensors.

The first step was to cut the long 8020 bars to size. We needed:

  • two 12 inch pieces
  • four 14 inch pieces
  • two 24 inch pieces

After doing this, we began using the T-Nuts and Corner Brackets to solidify a framing using 90 degree angles and then attached the perforated polycarbonate sheet.

Once the framing has been created, the next step was to attach the Aluminum Base Mount for the Ball Bearings for 3/8″ shaft diameter.

Then attached the wheel to pieces of 3/8″ shaft using the 375 Key Hub, 3/32″ Key Stock, set screw shaft collar, screws, and nuts.

Then we mounted the CIMple Gearbox which had been assembled with the motor, PID controller and the proper gears and shafts.

closed loop control remote sensors and remote ux on rpi3

After which we attached the CIMple Gearbox shaft to the 3/8″ shaft using a custom bored reduction coupler (custom bored to reduce from 1/2″ to 3/8″).

For more detail: Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3

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