A classic problem. You have a new CPU and a 15-year old water cooling system. Of course, the bracket doesn’t fit. Time to buy a new cooler? Not if you are [der8auer]. You design a new bracket and mill it out of aluminum.

Honestly, it might seem overkill, but it makes sense. After all, no matter how new the CPU is, using water to cool it still works the same way, in principle.

As milled parts go, the bracket wasn’t that complicated. For some reason, the holes didn’t go all the way through, so it required some hand finishing. But we were very impressed with his skill delidding a CPU (second video).

If you want to see the results of the cooling bracket, that’s in the third video, below. We wondered what the working temperature is for the bracket. If it were low enough, you might be able to 3D print it with the right material.

We have to wonder if CPUs will eventually have liquid cooling fittings integrated into the package. Maybe one day.

You can water cool just about anything that gets hot. Even a 3D printer or a Raspberry Pi.


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