Cocktail Machine with GUI Raspberry

You like technology and party? This project is made for you!

In this tutorial we will create an automated cocktail machine with an graphic interface.

Cocktail Machine with GUI Raspberry

Everything controlled by the raspberry!

Step 2: Set up the raspberry pi


In order to use the raspberry and the touchscreen, we will need a modified image of raspbian.

WIn32 disk imager:

After download install it.

Open it.

  • 1/ you will see “device” in general the default is good (if you only have the sd card connected)
  • 2/ Click on the blue icon folder and select the raspbian jessie image you have downloaded
  • 3/ Click write and it’s done.

You can now insert the card to the raspberry.


It allow us to connect via SSH , open Putty (no need to install)

  • Connect internet cable to the raspberry
  • You need to find the ip of the raspberry 2 easy way:
  • Connect to your box interface you will be able to see the device with the IP
  • Connect the touchscreen and keyboard go to terminal then ifconfigNow in Putty enter the ip adress will be something like then enter
    • it will ask to trust click yes (picture)
    • login : pi password : raspberry

Leave the windows on the side we will come back here later


The inconvenient of the screen is that it come already mount so when you plug it it will use all the pin of the rasp.

I have tested each pin to find out which one use the screen (check picture) to connect the screen it will be the same pin as raspberry once connected if you have install raspbian you will be able to use it.

Advice for the screen: the taskbar take some place , if you right click on it then panel setting => advanced => untick reserved space for taskbar.

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