Control a Raspberry Pi via the Internet

Raspberry Pi users wondering how to control the mini PC via the Internet may be interested in a new 10 minute tutorial which has been published to the website. Providing a quick run through and how you can control Raspberry Pi pins over the Internet, take out the tutorial below to learn more.

Control a Raspberry Pi via Internet

Being able to control a Raspberry Pi remotely via the Internet enables a wide variety of applications to be undertaken and projects to be built. This easy to follow tutorial uses an LED to provide a visual confirmation that your code is working correctly. Control is provided via a web page which can use to trigger the states of the LEDs connected to the Raspberry Pi mini PC.

“To Raspberry Pi we have attached LED. LED state is controlled by website or by mobile application. To Raspberry Pi we have also attached button which changed state to opposite a button on the site.” Using this simple code you can apply the knowledge to your own projects and create webpages with multiple functions making the jump into the real world and Internet of Things projects.

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