Creoqode Debuts the All-in-One Handheld Game Console, Lyra

A new handheld console is looking for backing on Kickstarter and it’s an impressive piece of hardware. Check out Lyra from Creoqode, the gaming device that’s also a personal computer.

Creoqode Debuts the All-in-One Handheld Game Console, Lyra

Since the invention and release of the Nintendo Switch, gaming on-the-go has become the goal for most gaming hardware producers. Joining the ranks of on-the-go hardware is a new system from the London-based tech company, Creoqode, the Lyra.

Lyra is quite the fascinating handheld, as it uses Raspberry Pi CM3L to emulate any console from the classic era. Which means that it’s able to port and play a multitude of classic arcade/console games. You’re even able to connect it, via HDMI, to your TV for big screen and multiplayer action.

That’s just half of what makes it unique, though. Lyra is the perfect introduction into the video game creating process. Not only can you build your own handheld, which is actually the cheapest option, but you can also learn to code on it, as well as browse the internet.

See the Lyra in action, below:

Creoqode Lyra is up on Kickstarter right now and is already fully backed. In fact, it’s actually garnered over twice their asking amount of $30,000. The funding page will continue to be up for the month of August, where you can purchase your own Lyra for the DIY price of $181 or the Ready-to-Go price of $218.

Source: Creoqode Debuts the All-in-One Handheld Game Console, Lyra

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