Custom Linux allows Raspberry Pi to drive ADI peripherals

Called Kuiper Linux, it incorporates Linux device drivers for ADI products, and supports other hardware including Digilent Zedboard, TerASIC DE10-Nano and Digilent Cora

“The reasoning behind creating this distribution is to minimise the barriers to integrating ADI hardware devices into a Linux-based system,” according to the company. “When starting with a generic Linux distribution, the kernel typically would have to be rebuilt with the desired drivers enabled. While this is not difficult for an engineer that is familiar with the process, it can be a daunting task even when everything goes right. ADI Kuiper Linux solves this problem, and includes a host of additional applications, software libraries, and utilities.”

The additional items include:

  • IIO oscilloscope – basic GUI for debugging IIO devices
  • IIOD – exposes IIO devices over a network connection to a remote host
  • libiio – library for applications running locally
  • pyadi-iio – Python abstraction layer for IIO devices
  • libm2k – software API for the ADALM2000 multifunction USB instrument
  • GNURadio – including GR-IIO blocks, ADALM2000, ADALM-Pluto blocks

On top of this, according to ADI, Kuiper Linux also supports certain Arm-based Xilinx and Intel SoCs: Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+, Cyclone V, Arria 10 SX and Stratix 10.

It claims to have “over 1,000 ADI peripherals supported by in-kernel Linux device drivers”.

Source: Custom Linux allows Raspberry Pi to drive ADI peripherals

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