Custom Wake Word for Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi

****UPDATE***** I have updated the custom wakeword project and here is the latest version this is a much better improved of this project.****

Normally, you cannot voice activate Google Assistant SDK on Pi Zero W. By the method shown, not only can you voice activate Pi Zero W or Pi 3, you can voice activate it with a custom wake word using Snowboy.

As the project involves lots of intricate steps, I have created a ready to use image with all the necessary changes made. It also contains all the requisite files and installations to get you started.

Links to the ready to use Raspbian image:

To install the requisite audio drivers and to authenticate the Google Assistant, follow the instructions listed in a file that you can find inside the project folder located in /home/pi directory of the image

Reference link for creating auth credentials:

Source: Custom Wake Word for Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi

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