Devices for Windows IoT

Libraries, tools and samples that make it easy to use sensors and other hardware devices on the Windows IoT Core platform.

Windows IoT Core is already pretty easy to use, but we wanted to make it even easier. This project builds on and extends the following key differentiators of Windows IoT Core:

  • Runs Windows 10 apps written in C#, VB, C++, JavaScript and more
  • Provides a Rich UI and Input Stack
  • Offers a familiar Model  Event-Driven for App Developers

Currently the project offers the following benefits above and beyond what ships with Windows IoT Core:

  • Event-Driven pattern for using many Digital and Analog sensors
  • Specialized wrappers for niche devices like joystick and rotary encoder
  • Supports building custom wrappers for other  specialized devices
  • WinCore implementation of multiple ADC chips 
  • Easily support more than one ADC chip in a single solution
  • XAML projection to onboard LCD displays
  • PWM hardware and software implementations (New!)

Other features planned:

  • ISwitchable (e.g. Relay) support
  • DAC support
  • OneWire support
  • More specialized wrappers

Source: Devices for Windows IoT

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