DIY диммер: guidebook to components

n the recent past we shar the complete set of gerber-files with our expensive readers. That all interested persons ha possibility to order to themselves printed-circuit boards. As it are inexpensive, as it were ma by us.
Today we taken the following step. We published the complete specification of the electronic components us in ours DIY диммере. We tr, that this specification becoming clear even to the most beg electronics engineers. Under a cat the big detailed table of components with photos (in the long term) all us elements.

DIY диммер guidebook to components

Short input in course for those who the first time seeing our project

We developed valuable system of the Clever house. “First signs” of our system — DIY диммер. The main characteristics here was more its:

  • Operation on a radio channel 2,4Ггц (the protocol, without license restrictions)
  • The connection protect by scrambling
  • Setting without change of standard electroconducting of the normal apartment
  • Low expenditure of the electric power
  • Customary appearance of cutouts
  • Possibility of the independent extension both hardware, and program functional
  • Open source code both program, and hardware

DIY диммер guidebook to components schematicf you wanted to turn on in arguing of singularities of system, read please our all previous articles and comments to them. Most likely questions after such acquaintance became much less.

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For more detail: DIY диммер guidebook to components

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