DIY Raspberry Pi Amazon price tracker

Those of you looking to learn a little more about the Python programming language and the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC, may be interested in a new project published by the Devscover YouTube channel, which takes you through the process of creating your very own Amazon price tracker. You can set the price of the product you have your eye on and when the Amazon price drops below a certain target level the script will automatically email you allowing you to purchase your item at the best possible price. Check out the video below to learn more about the small program which enables you to track products on Amazon with ease.

“By following their video tutorial, you can set up a notification system on Raspberry Pi Zero W that emails you every time your chosen item’s price drops. Very nice. Devscover’s tutorial is so detailed that it seems a waste to try and summarise it here. So instead, why not make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with the video? It’s worth the time investment: if you follow the instructions, you’ll end up with a great piece of tech that’ll save you money!”

Source: DIY Raspberry Pi Amazon price tracker

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