DIY Raspberry Pi laptop with 8″ HD display

If you have ever wanted to build your very own Raspberry Pi laptop you might be interested in a new project posted by Jan Ostman to the website this week. The bill took approximately 20 hours and has been classed as an “intermediate” project.

DIY Raspberry Pi laptop


DIY Raspberry Pi laptop(1)


The main components of the Raspberry Pi laptop include a new Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ mini PCcombined with a Pimoroni HDMI 8″ LCD screen kit. The HD screen is capable of providing a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and comes complete with a HDMI driver board and keypad And is available to purchase priced at around £60 direct from the official Pimoroni online store.

“There are lots of nice builds on the internet but none of them looking very professional. This is how I built mine. The Netbook is based on a RPi3 A+ with a Pimoroni 8-inch HDMI display and a Bluetooth keyboard. I know the RPi3 A+ only have 512K RAM but is has the WiFi, Bluetooth and 1.4GHz quad-core CPU required to run a nice Netbook desktop.”

Features of the Pimoroni HDMI 8″ IPS LCD screen kit include :

– 1024×768 resolution
– IPS, wide-viewing angle display (170°)
– 60Hz refresh rate (12.5ms average response time)
– Contrast ratio: 500:1 (white:black)
– Brightness: 350 cd/m2 (nits)
– Outer dimensions: 174x136x3mm
– Screen area: 165x124mm
– Weight: 125g
– Pimoroni-made display driver board (HDMI>LVDS)
– Keypad and controllable backlight brightness, contrast, and saturation
– HDMI input
– Power supply: 5V, 780mA
– Driver board dimensions: 65×56.5×8.5mm
– Keypad dimensions: 56×13.5×4.25mm
– Keypad ribbon cable length: 20cm

Source: DIY Raspberry Pi laptop with 8″ HD display

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