DIY Raspberry Pi RFID scanner and ultrasound sensor

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking to build projects including an RFID scanner may be interested in a new tutorial by Instructables member Xeiverse to create a Raspberry Pi RFID Scanner with ease. “Watch the Video on how to construct and code your own RFID Reader/Writer. You can also download our code from step 2 and 3. We hope you enjoy!” Read and write RFID Cards/Tags using an RFID Scanner and the original Raspberry Pi.


Also if you are developing a project that needs to measure distances you may be interested in another Instructables tutorial created by member Xeiverse in the form of a Raspberry Pi ultrasound sensor. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the quick and easy project that can help you measuring distances from your robot similar in no time at all.


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Source : DIY Raspberry Pi RFID scanner and ultrasound sensor

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