DIY Raspberry Pi VPN secure travel router

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or world travellers looking for a secure way to connect to the Internet using a VPNmay be interested in the new Raspberry Pi project published by Ben Stockton over on the Make Use Of website. The project can use either the smaller Raspberry Pi Zero W or the larger Raspberry Pi 3 mini PC depending on your requirements and budget. Ben explains a little more about the inspiration behind the project and why it’s always great to use a VPN while travelling.

DIY Raspberry Pi VPN secure travel router

“Would you write your password on a piece of paper and stick it to your forehead? Probably not. Yet connecting to a public Wi-Fi network is almost as foolish. You might not have any choice, however, if you’re on the road and want to stay connected. A VPN can keep you safe, but each device has to connect separately, unless you’re using a travel router as a go-between. Don’t have one handy? Don’t worry, you can build one with a Raspberry Pi. It’s the perfect choice for a DIY VPN travel router, so let’s walk you through how to build one.”

A list of components you will need to complete this project include.

– Raspberry Pi (Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero W preferred) with case
– A single USB Wi-Fi adapter (two, if you’re using an older Raspberry Pi)
– A microSD card with at least 8GB storage
– An SD card reader
– A high-quality power supply
– PC with an SSH client installed
– A VPN subscription with OpenVPN support

For full instructions on how to build your very own DIY Raspberry Pi VPN secure travel router jump over to the Make Use Of website by following the link below.

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Source: DIY Raspberry Pi VPN secure travel router

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