DIY Raspberry Pi VPN server project

DIY Raspberry Pi VPN server project

Running and setting up a Raspberry Pi VPN server using the $35 mini PC is a lot easier than you would maybe expect. But to help you along the way the Lon. TV YouTube channel has created a great tutorial explaining how to run a VPN server on your $35 Raspberry Pi mini PC.

The project uses the PiVPN software which has been created to offer a simple OpenVPN designed for Raspberry Pi, which is easy to set up and configure.

“This installer is no slouch! It’ll allow you to customize your VPN port, certificate details, key encryption strength, client DNS server, and more! Even if you are an expert, the options presented within are a perfect foundation for any openvpn server installation. Although this is geared toward running on a $35 Raspberry Pi, the installer will work just as well on an Ubuntu Server running Trusty Tahr 14.04.”

“Provided free of charge on your server is a new ‘pivpn’ command. Simply run pivpn and you are presented with all of the available options. Easily add client profiles (OVPN), revoke them, list the ones you created, etc. There is also an option to completely remove everything the installer did with the ‘pivpn uninstall’ command. So you can experiment with pivpn with no fear of irreversible changes to your server.”

To learn more about the PiVPN software jump over to the official website by following the link below.

Source: DIY Raspberry Pi VPN server project

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