DIY Raspberry Pi webcam project

With the shortage of web cams still persisting you may be interested in a DIY project published by Raspberry Pi enthusiast Jeff Geerling. Using a Raspberry Pi Zero and the latest HQ lens and mount launched by the Raspberry Pi Foundation earlier this year. Geerling Provides all the information you need to build your very own. Although do expect a few little eccentricities when creating a Raspberry Pi web camera when compared to more commercially viable alternatives normally available in mass before the corona virus pandemic kicked in.

“In this video, I’ll show you now to set up a Raspberry Pi Zero with the HQ Camera and the 6mm lens as a high-quality webcam to rival the quality of other cameras costing even more (if you can find them this year!). And I’m not going to make you dive into the guts of your Raspberry Pi and compile code or anything like that—it’s just one automated job that runs to set everything up for you, on any Raspberry Pi! (Right now it’s only working correctly on the Pi Zero though!).”

Check out more over on the Raspberry Pi Webcam Open Source project page on GitHub by following the link below.

Source: DIY Raspberry Pi webcam project

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