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Introducing the TyTelli: A DIY smartphone anyone can make. The TyTelli uses the Raspberry Pi for processing and has a 3.5in touchscreen. An Adafruit Fona is used to give the TyTelli the capability to make calls, send sms messages, and get the time using the built in RTC. It also has a 5mp camera module giving it the power to take HD photos and send them to Dropbox over WiFi. Speaking of Wifi, the typhone has a USB wifi adapter so it can communicate with the internet along with cellular networks. All this technology is enclosed in a 3D printed smartphone

Notice: this project's name has been changed from “Tyfone” to “TyTelli” to avoid confusion with Tyfone Inc.

Note that in the video TYOS 0.1.0 is used. Many, many new features have been added since then.


The TyTelli is made up of a few basic components:

  • The Raspberry Pi
  • The cellular module (FONA)
  • The 3.5in TFT
  • 3D Printed case.

The Raspberry Pi handles all the processing, and connects everything together. The TFT talks to the Raspberry Pi over SPI, and the FONA talks to it over UART. Everything is powered with a 1200mah battery connected to the FONA. The FONA has a charging circuit perfect for use with the phone. Since the battery is only 3.7v, a boost converter is used to boost the voltage to 5v for the Raspberry Pi and TFT. A metal speaker and microphone is connected to the FONA for audio, along with an antenna. The FONA also has a real time clock built in, so the Raspberry Pi can keep time even when off wifi connection. The Raspberry Pi also has a USB Wifi Adapter connected to it giving it internet access. Right now all that it is used for is to upload camera photos to dropbox, but more features will be implemented in the future. The Raspberry Pi camera module is used for pictures and video. Below are some fritzing diagrams on how everything is connected. Read more »

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi A+
  • 1 × Adafruit FONA UFL Version
  • 1 × 3.5in PiTFT Assembled
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Camera 5MP
  • 1 × Powerboost 500 Basic
  • 1 × GSM Antenna
  • 1 × 1W 8ohm Speaker
  • 1 × USB Wifi Adapter
  • 1 × Electret Microphone
  • 1 × 1200mah Lithium Ion Battery

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