DIY Social Integration Kit- Raspberry Pi

A number of sensor applications in recent years collect data which can be directly associated with human interactions. one can use the sensor data in order to model the underlying relationships and interactions. It also leads to a number of challenges, since such data may often be private, and it is important to be able to perform the mining process without violating the privacy of the users.

DIY Social Integration Kit- Raspberry Pi

Working Principle:

From the above block diagram, one can control/switch many electrical appliances, as well as remotely monitor temperature sensor, Gas sensor and fire sensor from a remote internet enabled devices like PC /Smartphone.


  • The entire sensor values will be accessible/ displayed on remote Internet enabled devices (displayed either in a web browser or in a platform dependent application).
  • Switch Buttons are provided at the remote end devices to turn ON/OFF electrical appliances.
  • All the alert messages will be integrated to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

DIY Social Integration Kit- Raspberry Pi Schematic

Kit Contains:
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Fire sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Two Relay Board
  • Ethernet module
  • Jumper wires
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