DockerPi IoT Node(A)



IoT Node(A) is one of Docker Pi series modules.
IoT Node(A) = GPS/BDS + GSM + Lora.
I2C directly controls Lora, sends and receives data, controls the GSM/GPS/BDS module through SC16IS752, the mainboard only needs I2C support.
Support Raspberry Pi and other similar products.


  • Docker Pi Series
  • Programmable
  • Control directly(without programming)
  • Extend the GPIO Pins
  • GPS/BDS Support
  • GSM Support
  • Lora Support
  • Can Stack with other Stack board
  • Independent of the mainboard hardware (require I2C support)


GPRS section

  • 1. Low power consumption, standby sleep current <1mA
  • 2. Support GSM/GPRS, four frequency bands, including 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHZ;
  • 3. GPRS Class 10;
  • 4. Support GPRS data service, maximum data rate, download 85.6Kbps, upload 42.8Kbps;
  • 5. Support standard GSM07.07, 07.05 AT commands, and access the serial port through I2C interface conversion.
  • 6. AT commands support standard AT and TCP/IP command ports

GPS section

  • 1. Support BDS/GPS joint positioning
  • 2. Support A-GPS, A-BDS
  • 3. Support standard SIM card

LORA section

  • 1. Transmission distance:500 Meters (RF parameters: 0x50 @ China City)
  • 2. Support FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM, and OOK modulation methods
  • 3. Ultra-high receiver sensitivity as low as -141 dBm
  • 4. Support preamble detection
  • 5. Packet engine with CRC, up to 256 bytes
  • 6. LORA transceiver indicator
  • 7. Easy TX/RX by Docker Pi

Mechanical Drawing

Part List:

1 x IoT Node(A) Board
1 x Instructions
4 x M2.5*12 + 6 Copper stick
4 x M2.5*6 Nut
4 x M2.5*6 Half-round head screw
1 x 433MHz L-Shaped Tape Antenna
1 x 2.4GHz PCB Antenna
1 x GPS/BDS High Gain GPS Built-in Ceramic Active Antenna


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8471410150

Source: DockerPi IoT Node(A)

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