Durio BASIC + Raspberry Pi B+ (Assembled)

This is a Durio Sound BASIC and Raspberry Pi B+ (Assembled).

• Durio Sound BASIC board   x1
• Raspberry Pi B+   x1
• M3 Nylon Screws 5mm   x8
• M3 Nylon Standoffs 18mm   x4
• 0.1″ Jumper   x2
* Fully assembled, ready to use!
Durio Sound adds a 24-bit 192kHz ultimate sound quality with the lowest possible distortion to your Raspberry Pi.
Introducing Durio Sound for Raspberry Pi: a DAC for Raspberry Pi that let you enjoy a dynamic ultimate sound quality. The Durio Sound will get your music to a quality that is much closer to how the artists originally intended, helping to hear sounds that you never could have before. Durio BASIC + Raspberry Pi B+ (Assembled)Durio Sound for Raspberry Pi adds a high-quality sound to your Raspberry Pi. Our sound cards are designed for optimal sound output quality. It is the ideal solution for all Raspberry Pi users that love music.
Durio Sound connects directly to the Raspberry Pi where no external cables are needed. No need to solder any header or wire, just stack the Durio Sound on top of your Raspberry Pi because the board is the same size as the Raspberry Pi. It is also supported in the standard Raspberry Pi kernel that is included in the Raspbian distribution ranging from A, B, and B+.

Durio Sound is a modular concept of professional audio solutions. It provides high quality audio conversion (DAC), flexible interface extensions as well as audio quality enhancements.
The Durio Sound can be combined with any computer or module capable to provide digital audio signals, e.g. Raspberry Pi etc. The Durio Sound DAC processes the high quality I2S signal which is provided by any source.
Additional interface modules such as S/PDIF, TOSLINK, USB will enrich the Durio Sound System, to make it flexible for all your audio applications. For instance: using the Raspberry Pi allows you to:
– play audio stored on local devices (USB, SD Card, DNLA)
– to receive and play audio via networks, e.g. coming from the Internet, wireless as well as wired
– to connect the Durio Sound Audio player with other audio network streamers
– to control the player remotely from any other network device, including using your smartphoneDurio BASIC + Raspberry Pi B+ (Assembled) schematic
Durio Sound is the most flexible way for computer based audio solutions with a very high sound quality provided.
Here is the diagram show how is the Durio Sound play music

Durio Sound comes with 2 options:
BASIC – This option comes with the very-low-noise 3.3V LDO voltage regulator which provide a cleaner power to the DAC chip. You still need to power the board via the USB cable from the Raspberry Pi.
PRO – In additional to the Basic, this option comes fully loaded with the 5V switching power supply. You can power the system via the external AC or DC wall transformer. This provide the cleanest power to the DAC chip for the ultimate sound quality.


For more detail: Durio BASIC + Raspberry Pi B+ (Assembled)

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