E-mail watch

The aim of this project is automatically checking emails and showing the presence of new messages with different LED colors corresponding to different Gmail labels. The final product is a USB powered, WiFi connected, 3d printed small box with beautifully colored LEDs. You can place it anywhere there is a WiFi signal, and check your mailbox with a glance!e-mail watch


Recent support of IFTTT for Spark will make this project even easier! Check this here:  https://www.spark.io/ifttt

Here is an example of architecture, using a Raspberry Pi to check your email and send notifications to the Spark Core living inside the E-mail watch. The Raspberry Pi can be replaced by any “always on” system.

Hardware components

Assembling the hardware parts is fast and easy. Thanks to the breadboard no soldering is required and you are always free to modify or upgrade the design by adding LEDs, sensors, etc. The microUSB cable is provided with the Spark board.

See the Hardware section for full list.

If you are located in Europe you may order the fully assembled device here

Assembly steps (see figure below):

  • Insert the Spark board on the breadboard (observe alignment)
  • Insert the RGB LED (4 pins in 4 columns)
  • Insert the yellow LED (positive leg in D0)
  • Connect RGB LED legs to pins A4, A5, A6 and GROUND with the 3 resistors and wire
  • Connect yellow LED legs to pin D0 and GROUND with the resistor (LED leg in my case) and wire
  • Cover the breadboard with the 3d printed case, make sure that the LEDs fit well into the holescircuit e mail watch

Software components

You will need to run two simple pieces of code:

1: the Spark firmware (Arduino compatible) to physically control the LEDs. Just copy and paste the code provided below, in the Spark web IDE. Then compile and flash, no changes are required.

For more detail: E-mail watch

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