Easy Raspberry Pi configuration with AppDaemon

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or Pi developers looking for an easy way to allow configuration although Raspberry Pi systems may be interested in a new open source application created by Peter Walsh and published to the Hackday.io website. AppDaemon has been created to allow easy configuration of Wi-Fi password, file sharing workgroups, fixed IP address entry, connectivity settings and more. Watch the demonstration video below for an overview of what AppDaemon has to offer.

The AppDaemon is given an application to run, and will monitor that application for correct execution. If the application crashes, hangs, or exits the AppDaemon will reboot the system and rerun the application.

The “AppDaemon” runs your application (your product software) at system boot. If your application crashes or hangs, the daemon will automatically reboot the system. The AppDaemon also monitors a GPIO button. When pressed, the system will stop your application and switch to Access Point mode. It will broadcast an access point with the name of the system, in “captive portal” mode: any web access the user makes will be redirected to the local web server (the configuration pages).

It’s the mode used by public hotspots and airport WiFi to show a login page before allowing internet access. When the user connects to the access point and opens a browser, they are presented with configuration panels to set system parameters such as the WiFi name and password. When the user saves the configuration, the system will reboot and continue your product application.”

Source: Easy Raspberry Pi configuration with AppDaemon

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