Electronic Mosquito Repeller

This circuit is built to repel mosquito using high frequency sound. The design is comprised of LM555 timer which provides the pulse generation and precision timing. It is also a stable controller capable of monostable or astable operation. The 74HCT4017BQ device is a Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs.

Electronic Mosquito Repeller

It provides the signal to be fed into the 555 timer which is connected to the output piezo speaker. The piezo speaker generates the sound. The Bipolar Junction Transistors(BJT) BC337 and BC327 acts as the amplifier of the output sound. It forms the push-pull amplifier that is more efficient than a single-ended Class A amplifier.

The design is ideal for household application. It provides additional protection to the family against illness. It is also a suitable substitute to chemical based mosquito repellant.


For more detail: Electronic Mosquito Repeller

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